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I enjoy writing hard science-fiction stories.  What is "hard" science-fiction, and how does it differ from "soft"?  Well, hard sci-fi begins by defining sci-fi as that branch of literature which is written with science or technology as the main focus of the story.  Since the name of the genre is "science-fiction", one might conclude this is how sf started out, huh?

By the above stringent definition of sci-fi, most of what is being published today under the sf label doesn't qualify.  Perhaps we should apply a label coined by George Lucas: "Space Fantasy".

The "hard sf" writer takes great care to make the science and technology as plausible as possible.  He asks you to believe, at most, one unbelievable thing per story, not several dozen.

You might enjoy some of the following stories I have written.  But only if you like HARD sci-fi.  These stories deal chiefly with technology, and very little time is spent on the traumatic events which occurred in the characters' childhoods which scarred them for life.  Warning: This sf is so hard you might chip a tooth!

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